Gabriel Santar

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Gabriel doesn’t remember too much of his life. He knows he’s been fighting for all of it, first on Terra alongside the Emperor, then with Ferrus Manus in the Great Crusade as a member of the Iron Hands Legion. He remembers being at Isstvan V and he remembers dying, slowly, to the betrayal of his brothers. He remembers his rage at that betrayal, and a voice that spoke to him of his and others imperfections and how to overcome them.

But that’s all he remembers from his life before the fall, not even his name remains. He calls himself Gabriel Santar, because that is the owner of the power sword he now wields. He knows that Gabriel was the First Captain in his Legion, though he does not know if he was Gabriel, the Iron Hands have always been straightforward and as he now owns the sword, so he is now Gabriel Santar.

His life has been conflict since that day. Gabriel has no idea how long it has been, nor how many he has killed since the day he first died, but he knows that he is still no closer to perfection. Along the way he’s forgotten most of what he knew, but the warp has a way of replacing what is taken with something that can be used. Slowly, Gabriel has fathomed out the secrets presented to him, and slowly a power has awoken.

Perfection is approaching.

Gabriel’s Armour is pure black with some splotches of white where the Iron Hand markings used to be as well as slight scarring in the paint from oncoming fire and other attacks, but otherwise completely unadorned and in as pristine a condition as can be possible after centuries of warfare. He appears slightly larger than other Space Marines due to his additional augmentation. Gabriel wields both his swords interchangeably, and his entire left arm replaced by an ornate and obviously Imperial Bionic Implant.

The swords he carries couldn’t be more different. One is obviously from the Heresy area and is lavished with utmost care, carefully cleaned after every use, though the cackling and seemingly wild energy field that surrounds the blade rarely lets any viscera through. Along it’s hilt is engraved the name “Gabriel Santar.” The other is much rougher in design, a crystal blade with the hilt wrapped in some sort of unknown leather. He doesn’t deign to clean this sword, and it has started to stain the crystal with various shades of blood, mostly red, though there are other more subtle shades present.

Outside of his armour, Gabriel has pale white flesh crisscrossed by thousands of scars obtained in battle, only his left arm is spared and appears in pristine condition. With the frequency and size of the scars, it’s quite clear that Gabriel should have been dead many times over. If there are markings on his skin, they are unable to be made out, but hidden beneath the scars are appropriate signs to all four of the Chaos gods and one to Chaos Undivided. Should a God’s Favor be gained, it will shine forth in the same spot.

Gabriel Santar

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