A brutish Chaos Space marine bent on close combat to earn glory.


Halpas is a Chaos space marine who was once a member of the Blood Angels Though he doesn’t remember much of his life before the taint of chaos over took his body and mind. Often he finds himself able to hack into different computers and systems but he doesn’t understand how he can other than the ports in his skin from his old implants from his time as a tech marine. He stands at the average space marine height but is built much more like a tank. His amour is black with red trim all but his right arm where the colors are reversed. Around his waist is a chain belt adorned with the skulls of many foes that have fallen in sacrifice to the blood god. Outside of his amour his skin is a reddish brown color turned this way by centuries of close combat he is also covered in may scars from different blades and bullets alike each one he wears with pride knowing that up till this point he has been unbeatable.

In his right hand he carries his blood stained chain ax that he has had for as long as he remembers. Its teeth are stained with the blood of hundreds, if not thousands, of non-believers and those who would stand against the blood god. In his left hand he carries an ancient chain sword, also stained with the blood of many foes slain by its wielder. Along the side of the blade there are many names most of which have no meaning in his mind. It is assumed that these were the names of those who had betrayed and turned him to chaos. At this point though he only cares for battle taking pride in his victories, and is never satisfied with the amount of blood spilled. In close combat he is a raging storm of blood and blades cutting down his foes no matter the scale. Thousands of years of rage show in on his face and through his blood red eyes and matted hair he often does not wear a helmet so that his foes can look into his eyes, as his blades rip into their bodies with fiendish speed.


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