Jarrion Nostromo


Jarrion has a blasphemous tattoo around the third eye blessed to all Navigators. These tattoos radiate outward and trail over his body. They also link to a large 8 pointed star on his head, which forms a skull cap.
He also has an 8 pointed star on the back of each hand and this star is an exact copy of the one that is on the palm of each hand.
When he chooses to disguise himself he wears a porcelain mask, fine clothing, gloves, and robes. The robes, gloves and mask hide his waxy white skin and a featureless face that has shining multihued cataract lidless eyes.


Journal Entry [Illegible and smudged date]

Captain Erasmus Haarlock continues to lead us to greater heights of glory and wonder. All those years ago dealing with my subordinates has paid off. As with towards the end of my schooling within House Nostromo, I have now been able to find a group of like minded individuals.
The captain continues to include myself and the others within many off-ship ventures. Our group dwindles but grows stronger with the expertise that we all have at our fingertips.

Many …dissidents have tried to infiltrate our fleet but none have succeeded. Our Captain protects us and foresees untruths inherent in the plots of these deluded malcontents. We are safe and continue to achieve greatness.
Rumors abound on board about an important outing on the horizon. The Captain will lead, we shall follow and all shall be revealed.

Jarrion Nostromo

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