Chaos Space Marine Champion


Kazaviel is a Chaos Space Marine, formerly of the Children of Maricha, a wandering tribe of Traitor marines. He does not remember from whence he came. It has been centuries since he was turned to a super human Space Marine, tainted by chaos, and brought into this brotherhood many human lifetimes after the Warmaster fought to end the tyranny of the False Emperor.

A leader of men both immortal and mortal, Kazaviel is strong willed and charismatic. He carries a wicked four foot blade of some kind of translucent amber material that hums with power when it is drawn. His sidearm is a standard bolt pistol, engraved with runes of supremacy. In his full panoply, Kazaviel’s scarred armor is carefully maintained. Though there has clearly been significant damage in the past, it is patched and sealed neatly, and painted over with the garish purple and pink colors of his former tribe. Tacked to his right pauldron with plasteel rivets is the skinned face of some former enemy, somehow preserved and tough as any ceramic plating. Without his armor, Kazaviel is a stunning example of manhood. Well muscled, winsome looks, and a sharp wit serves him well. He is all that the false Emperor meant his Space Marines to be, and more.


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